There's no need to eavesdrop at our door. The only time our house is quiet is when no one is home and the dog is asleep. (Image courtesy of

On any given day, there are a variety sounds coming from our second floor apartment. You see, overseas military housing is built UP not OUT; therefore,  we live on top of each other—which can get pretty interesting…pretty interesting indeed, but that is another story. We’ve been blessed with three rambunctious and healthy boys who, well, let’s just put it this way, haven’t really gotten past the toddler phase when it comes to energy level, despite being man-children at the ripe ages of 17, 15, and 13. Between the “shoot’em up” video games, the sports video games, the actual sports being played IN the house, the JACKASS stunt reenactments attempts, and occasional non-pay per view mixed unmartial arts scuffle boxing fight ninja battle wrestle mania that I have to referee when the testosterone levels reach all times highs our house is probably louder than a daycare full of two and three  year olds just learning to share and still live by the Toddler’s Laws of Property—especially on music instrument practice days, which is pretty much any day that ends in the letter ‘Y.’

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My daily dose of 'Vitamin E.' (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Axl M plays the trombone, The Hulk plays the guitar. We have musical neighbors above and below us who apparently play the dying cat and the in pain cow. Yes, that’s mean…Axl M’s trombone practice often sounds like the mating call of an elephant (or what I imagine that would sound like), although I am pretty sure he does this on purpose. So now we’re equal on the meanness scale. The Hulk, well, he’s gifted..…he actually sounds musical. Nevertheless, it never fails every night at the SAME time all four of them begin to fill our building with the wonderful sounds of melodic tunes, mating calls, animal’s last sounds, and calls for help from the veterinarian. It is as if all of these talented young musicians have developed some sort of competition to see who will outlive the other in a battle of Musical Survivor, and I have, I am sure, given the makers of Excedrin Migraine the spike in sales they needed in order to keep from having to ask for a corporate bail out.

   Now, here’s the important part, remember there are three man-children that live in the house. Oh yeah!   Now into this wonderful mix of musical melodic monstrosity enters Mr. T…the ‘baddest’ beatboxer  and rapper in all of S.K. (South Korea) for all of you that aren’t ‘hip’ or in the ‘know’ (ya know)….oh please, someone help us all.


Voting had better start soon on who is exiting this game before I start procuring instruments or duct taping mouths…there are still four months left in the school year and it’s either the instruments, the kids, or a long vacation on a quiet beach for me…

On second thought—kids, play on, I’m booking the next flight to the Bahamas…I’ll see you in June after the instruments are turned in….

I'll take one for the team and sacrifice my time to sit in this secluded area while you guys practice your instruments for the next few months...really, it won't be a problem... (Image courtesy of