And Now…Presenting Ophelia…

Hello Everyone! I’ve decided to finally take the leap and start blogging about much of life as I have known it over these past thirty-something years. I’ve played many roles over the years (as I am sure many of you have), but four of the most rewarding have been being a wife, a mom of three boys, a teacher, and a best friend to someone I consider a pretty unique person.

For years, I’ve given my own rendition of events that have occurred with  my own children; some of which I may have exaggerated a little, but most of which, I kid you not, were not exaggerated one single bit. There were YEARS I contemplated running away and joining the circus, but when I stepped back and actually LOOKED at what was going on in my house I realized I LIVED in a circus.

The other hats I’ve worn have definitely supplied me with some interesting stories to share and I do hope that you find the humor or the lessons that may be hidden in some of the posts. But for right now, the sound of Taps is echoing through the night air signaling to this gal it’s time to call it a night


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